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Rachael Shtifter invented Sleepy Tie™ after having eleven years of experience in the beauty, branding and business world. She is also the founder of the world’s largest, salon, spa and photography studio: PARLR.

Rachel pictured with camera and Sleepy Tie


Rachael was blow out obsessed but recognized an issue that she turned into an opportunity: when she went to sleep, her blow out and styled hair got destroyed and she knew there had to be a better solution. If she was having this problem, many of the 20,000 clients that walked through PARLR’s doors were experiencing it as well.

Then it hit her—what if she could keep her hair in a gentle circular motion all night long? She got to work: ordering supplies and teaching herself to sew, Rachael created the first Sleepy Tie™, a prototype crafted during the 2020 pandemic quarantine. After countless first-hand testing, she was amazed to find her blow-dries were now lasting nearly a week, and honestly, looking better every day. No longer was harsh heat needed for styling, and in return, her hair was growing noticeably healthier and silkier. The time savings was also incredible: for the first time ever, Rachael’s morning routine consisted of rolling out of bed and heading to work with confidence that her hair was still just as stunning as the days prior.

After months of testing Sleepy Tie™ amongst friends and with PARLR’s own master stylists, the results were consistent: prolonged styled hair that also enhanced the health of all hair types and textures. It was undeniable—Sleepy Tie™’s patented design was ready to revolutionize the way we sleep with our hair.

In addition to PARLR and now, Sleepy Tie™, Shtifter is also the CEO of her own branding agency, PARLR Brand Studio. She thrived creating the brand design for her invention (of which all photography was personally shot by Rachael personally) and combined with her salon expertise, Sleepy Tie™ was organically and authentically born. As a 31 year old female entrepreneur, Shtifter knows her brands are nothing without YOUR support.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. To follow Rachael on social media, head to her Instagram @rachlynsey.