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Sleepy Tie®

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Sleepy Tie®

Regular price$29.99 Sale price

It's time to wake up with perfect hair. Sleepy Tie® is here to change your life. This game-changing product will prolong your blow-dried or styled hair while reducing the need for styling tools and repetitive reheating.

Sleepy Tie®’s patent-pending design is created by combining a luxury scrunchie with an attached, satin-covered arch. It is a revolutionary way to tie your hair up for sleep.

Sleepy Tie® has been tested on all hair types and textures to prolong your blow-dry or styled hair. It is recommended for individuals with hair at least 2-3" past shoulder length.

Sleepy Tie® is hand-made of a high-quality Satin material to avoid the animal cruelty associated with silk. Sleepy Tie® is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

    Key benefits

    Protect and enhance your hairstyle throughout your day. Wear your Sleepy Tie™ while sleeping, working out, heading to the beach, or running errands.

    Prolong your blowout or styled hair while you get your beauty rest; Sleepy Tie™ is perfect for all hair types and textures that are 2-3 inches past shoulder length looking to prolong their styled hair.

    Enhance your hairstyle and hair health by reducing repetitive re-heating, brushing through tangles, and re-styling.

    Save time styling and allow yourself some extra beauty rest in the morning instead of battling your bedhead.

    How To

    Brush your dry hair

    Gather your hair into a high ponytail.

    Place Sleepy Tie™ around your wrist.

    Pull it over your ponytail

    Loop your ponytail around the arch. 

    Pull tightly for optimal results and continue wrapping.

    Twist the Scrunchie in a figure eight to secure your wrapped hair. 

    Go to sleep and wake up with perfect hair.