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Sleepy Tie™

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Sleepy Tie™

Regular price$29.99 Sale price

Sleepy Tie™ is here to change how you tie your hair while you sleep. It’s time to use your mornings for something other than hair styling! This revolutionary product will prolong your blow dry or styled hair. Sleepy Tie™ will also reduce the need for styling tools and repetitive reheating. 

Sleepy Tie™ has been tested on all hair types and textures to prolong your blow dry, however, this product is recommended for individuals that have hair past shoulder length. 

Due to the sanitary nature of Sleepy Tie™, all sales are final.

Sleepy Tie™ is a vegan product. 

    Key benefits

    Protect and prolong your blow out or styled hair for all hair types past shoulder length.

    Reduce your morning styling time.

    Promote healthier hair by reducing repetitive re-heating.

    Save time and money in the salon

    How To

    Brush your dry hair

    Gather your hair into a high ponytail.

    Place Sleepy Tie™ around your wrist.

    Pull it over your ponytail

    Loop your ponytail around the arch. 

    Pull tightly for optimal results and continue wrapping.

    Twist the Scrunchie in a figure eight to secure your wrapped hair. 

    Go to sleep and wake up with perfect hair.