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wake up with perfect hair

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Works so well, you'll think you're still dreaming

Works so well, you'll think you're still dreaming

Sleepy Tie™ was made to prolong and enhance your blow out or styled hair while you sleep.

beautiful benefits

Are you a victim of bed head? Get a salon blow out that doesn't last? Desperately want to wake up with perfect hair? Thanks to the patent pending Sleepy Tie™ design, now you can.






Protect and prolong your blow out or styled hair for all hair types past shoulder length.

Reduce your morning styling time

Promote healthier hair by reducing repetitive re-heating

Save time and money in the salon

get ready for the day before your head leaves the pillow

Wake up with perfect hair

Wake up with perfect hair

Here's How It Works

Brush your hair dry

Gather your hair into a high ponytail

Place Sleepy Tie™ around your wrist

Pull it over your ponytail

Loop your ponytail around the arch. 

Pull tightly for optimal results and continue wrapping.

Twist the Scrunchie in a figure eight to secure your wrapped hair. 

Go to sleep and wake up with perfect hair. 


"I used my Sleepy Tie before a work presentation this week and I got multiple compliments on my hair afterwards. Something that has never happened before. Fantastic. "

Nicole P.

“I honestly am blown away. I wash my fine hair daily due to greasy tendencies and working out. Sleepy Tie is extending my washes for several days!”

Julia B.

"I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my hair before. I’ve gotten like 15 people to buy it already! I’m so blown away by Sleepy Tie. Best thing to ever happen to me"

Alexa D.

"My Sleepy Tie results are amazing! I will be using it every night. The less maintenance for me the better. I need to be able to wake up and go in the morning. Sleepy Tie is the best!"

Michelle L.

"I’ve never been one to have volume due to having thin hair but took out the Sleepy Tie for the first time and oh my god I’m in love! Truly gives a blowout effect. Can't wait to tell everyone to get one."

Juliet B.

"I tried my Sleepy Tie for the first time last night. I woke up with no big expectations since I had just air dried my hair yesterday and it had absolutely no style. I took out the tie this morning and WOW. I literally did a double take."

Ari S.